CENTRE FOR AUTISM

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This School is a Day Care Centre(Non - Residential)

Nature of Autism
Approximately 4 times more boys than girls are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Rigidity of thoughts and behaviour

  • Limited verbal and non verbal communication

  • Fragile or absent social relationship

  • Weakness in understanding entering social situations

  • Problems in generalizing thoughts and experiences

  • Shifting attention from one task to next task
Why early intervention is significant
Here is the answer:
  • When the children with ASD started their programme at the age of 7 or 8 in Vatsalyam, they will achieve 5th standard at the age of 14, independently. If the same child starts the programme at the age of 4, we can accelerate and make him achieve to attend 5th standard at the age of 11, whereas a normal child attends 5th standard at the age of 10. In this case, early intervention is very essential to bridge the gap.

Characteristics of Autism
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