CENTRE FOR AUTISM

Admissions open now in both the branches

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  Unit and Team
  • Student – Teacher Ratio is 5 : 1

  • Individual Educational Programme (IEP)

  • Training for Mothers

  • Periodical updating programme to the staff members & novel teaching skills

Yearly Events at Vatsalyam

  • Picnic

  • Cultural Event

  • Sports day

  • Women’s day celebration

About Vatsalyam

Indra Ravi, founder of this organisation, has 30 years of experience in this noble field. Out of which, 15 yrs vatsalyam specifically focused on ASD. Since the year 2000, we worked and working with many ASD students. In our unit we do regular syllabus (SB syllabus, Tamil Nadu). Children of Vatsalyam have been sent to normal schools. Yet to go

We continue to show success through our children.

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