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Indira Ravi

Starting her career in 1983. she has worked in various schools. Initially she was working on IEP’s for Children. Since the children showed good progress the unit grew into Autistic Day School.

This unit gives support to the children and the main aim is training, helping them by improving social and communications skills. The center caters to children 1 and half years -- 7 years.



Training for parents is offered

They are spilt into groups according to their age and ability. IEP classes are inclusive , which is based on speech and language. The children are taught to interact,and play with other children and learn together so that they can socialize in society. They are taught self help skills which helps them in their daily life so that they can be independent in their daily routive. They are taught through visual media as this is a very strong point in him. They are taught academics like alphabets, numbers, writing etc. Group activities like games, limitation, music are also taught. All these are achieved through a group of trained professionals.

The main aim of the program is to train of these children through behavior management and structured teaching.

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