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  Nature of Autism
  Autism is a cruel disorder that makes the child socially withdrawn to the extent of isolation into a world of its own. It affects the area of the brain, which controls the understanding, emotions and particularly the ability to communicate. The child lacks the imitation, imagination and creative skills.

Characteristics of Autism

lnappropriate laughingor giggling
May not want cudding
Apparent insensitivity to pain
No real fear of dangers
lnappropriate attachments to objects
Spins objects or self
Little or no eye contact
May prefer to be alone
Echoes words or phrases
Difficulty in interacting with other
Sustained unusual or repetitive play: uneven physical or verbal skills
lnappropriate resonse or no response to sound
unresponse to normal teaching methods
lnsistence on samenesss
Difficulty in expressing needs; May use gestures
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