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  Innovative Programme at Vatsalyam, Adambakkam Branch
Normal children, who are attending regular schools. Even KG level children. If they are finding difficulties in the below said Areas. Please consult our experts

  • Difficulty in identifying alphabets and numbers

  • Difficulty in identifying colours/ shapes

  • Difficulty in spell/ read words

  • Difficulty in phonic / reading skills

  • Difficulty in making sentence

  • Simple arithmetic

  • Difficulty in number concepts

  • Difficulty in board copying

  • Difficulty in good hand writing

  • Difficulty in writing speed
  • Bad writing (not legible)

  • Consultation through appointments

  • Difficult in Memorising

  • Individual attention will be given

     Free services

  • Fix up appointment on call, come to us, feel free to discuss about your child

  • Self skill

  • Domestic skill

  • Academics skill

  • Behavior modification, Assessment and Training the parents, etc..

  • Free Consultation assessment
   Teachers practical training

  • Special Teacher

  • Training regular school teachers for effective progress in each child

  Program at Vatsalyam
  • Computerized speech and language department

  • Technical Communication therapy department

  • Expertise writing therapy department

  • Efficient special education department

  • Adequate behavior modification therapy

  • Home based behavior management program

  • Self help skill department

  • Extra Curricular Activity

  • Kido’s Fitness Gym

  • Toy Paradise
     High Light Program at Vatsalyam

  • Sucking (Technical Therapy)

  • Chewing (Technical Therapy)

  • Constipation / Regulating the toilet pattern

  • Regulating eating habits

  • Regulating sleep patterns
                Then move on to regular program

Children after teaching

  • Self help skills

  • Speech of languages

  • Behavior Modification

  • Socialization

  • Academic

Children before teaching
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